Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feeding for Comb

The Honey Supers have been on for several weeks now and haven't been drawn out yet.  In an attempt to get the bees to start drawing out comb i fed them 1:1 syrup yesterday.  Since there is no honeycomb i'm not worried about adulterated honey just yet.  The syrup continues to have Apple Cider Vinegar put in it; 1 tbsp per gallon.  I'm also adding a drop of 'pure' Thyme oil to each gallon. 

I checked the feeder late yesterday.  The bees were all over the syrup.  If they stay on it i'll continue to give it to them.

I'll give Nuc1 & 2 a pint each of syrup today as well.  Nuc 1 has no brood at all and Nuc 2 has little larva left.  Either way the bees don't need as much food as a colony with tons of brood.  I noticed the bees in Nuc 1 aren't flying as much as the 2 nucs with larva.  When i looked in Nuc 1 the other day i didn't see much in the way of stores either.  I want to make sure there are enough stores in the hive when the Queen starts laying again.  Though I wont be adding pollen patties.  They don't take to patties when there is real pollen available.  So i wont waste money on that.

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