Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogs to Books

For those of you that use a blog as a beekeeping journal I recommend having it printed.  You could use your printer or you could do what the Wife did for me.  She had this blog printed as a book using an online source.  It was a gift and quite a good one i think.

Years 2008 - 2010
The online sites can format the book as you want with colors, picts, and such.  Mostly just printing ones blog with the existing formatting does the job.  There are some bells & whistles if you want.  Mine is hardbound with 123 pages; after all it covers 3 years.  I plan on getting another volume each year for that year only.  Kind of like an Encyclopedia Beetanica.

You can decide how to mix picts & text
The reason I recommend it is because tonight i noticed a portion of my blog is missing!  Where it went i don't know.  When it went i don't know.  Part of Mary's Colony Chronicle just isn't there anymore.  Which means i've lost everything I've done with her from May 5, 2008 to November 26, 2010.

The post abruptly ends on Nov. 20, 2011
 The colony nor i will die from the loss of this information but the reason I keep a blog is to know what has been done.  I'd like to have that information.  Yes I keep a prose version of the same data on the main page.  The Chronicles, though, are like the Suez Canal.  I use them to avoid going around the Cape Horn of Text when I need to check a hive input.

Fortunately, I can recreate the missing data from the book.  It will take a while, 9 pages worth, but i'll get it all back.  So if something happens to your blog/journal it would be good to have a hard copy to go back to.  Any second copy will do be it from your printer or as a book.  Even a HTML Word doc safely stowed away some where will work nicely. 

If you go the book route search 'blog to book' in your browser.  It will show some places that will let you see a demo.  That alone can be fun. 

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