Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Update #3 - Heléna Swarmed

The bees hadn't been checked for a month.  In that time they were very busy; not making comb in the empty Deep above them but making Swarm cells instead.  They had become honey bound on the ten frames out of the twenty they had drawn out.

So without much adieu on July 15th they took off.  Though not far.  About forty feet into a small pine tree.  Which we found soon enough.  I had no interest in getting them back and offered them to the neighbor.  She wanted them but could not get up into the tree to get them.  So i had to go get them anyway.  Grrrrr...

That's me in the tree maybe 20 feet up
The swarm we captured was around 2lbs. worth of bees.  The Queen was not marked so it was a new one.  No telling what ever happened to the original Georgia queen.  An inspection of Heléna found eight swarm cells and one supersedure cell.

How to keep your Neighbor Happy...
The neighbor put the bees in a spare box on her deck and named them 'Maybee'.  They are doing fine and taking down the syrup.

The best part is i now have a local queen in Heléna.  All the better to get her through Winter with. 

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