Monday, August 29, 2011

Dividing Melissa's Medium frames

As planned, today the Medium frames in Melissa were removed.  First the four frames were removed from the hive (bottom box).  Then the extended comb attached to the bottom bar was cut off.  After which the comb was set in to a deep frame.  In the end the neighbor got her frames back with brood, stores, & bees.  Melissa got four frames reduced in size giving her bees more room to expand.  Which i hope will reduce the colony's need to swarm.

Beautifully extended comb on a Medium frame
Back to a Medium Frame
Extended comb placed into a Deep Frame
I used rubber bands to secure the comb.  They had to be tied off in the middle to keep the comb on top.  From what I have read the bees will eventually chew through the the rubber.  By then the comb should be attached to the top bar.

Don't let the pictures fool you.  The frames were swept of bees before the surgery took place.  So there were plenty of bees flying around.  Add to that the honey spilled cutting the comb and there were Tons of bees flying around!

Here's an exercise everybody should try to improve their bee handling skills.  Tie a square knot in a single rubber band with your gloves ON!



Jones said...

Very slick. I have never tried to hold cut out comb to the top like that. Are those twisties?

I can tell you that the bees will chew through it and eventually drag the thing out of the hive for sure. They will also fill up that frame, although I'm not sure they will do it this year, I am 100% sure it will be filled out by next April.

Hemlock said...

They're rubber bands. I've seen where many beeks use rubber bands to secure comb into frames during cutouts. The bees are supposed to affix the comb in position before they cut though the bands. I meant to check the progress last weekend but the rains kept me away from the hives. I hope to get a look as soon as i can.


Jones said...

No, I meant what you used to tie the rubber bands off. I use rubber bands in cut-outs, but I always just let the wax rest on the bottom. I like how you did it though - did you use rubber bands to tie the main rubber bands off?

Hemlock said...

I've used twist-ties in the hives before. The bees chew the paper off the wire almost immediately. I used rubber bands here instead. I felt the exposed wire might cut through the other rubber bands.