Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hive Inspection 5/25/11

Nuc #4
Partly Sunny

The poor & lowly Nuc #4
This Nuc makes me feel like a slum lord.  I was out of equipment when i caught the swarm.  I had to use whatever scraps could be found.  The cover is Mary's original cover from 2008 when i purchased her.  It has spent the last two years as a tomato starter, essentially a flower pot!  The Deep box was Myrina's.  The one that had so much mold last Winter the knots started to weep.  The bottom board was also Myrina's and was in storage yet covered in dead bugs and spiders.  To make thing worse it's a 10 frame set up when all the small swarm needed was at most a 5 frame box.  I didn't even have 5 frames so they got 4: 1 plasticell & 2 foundationless all undrawn.  I did add that brood frame from Nuc #3 but it is a Medium.

I put a entrance feeder IN the hive to keep the robing down.  I know the flow is on but these bees couldn't defend a drop.  The bees haven't touched the syrup.  They continue to act strangely all huddled together and barely flying.

They haven't started on the fourth frame yet.  I don't know what they're doing on the plasticell frame.  Making a mess i guess.  Just a weak performance all the way around.  And still NO eggs!

Today they got a little break.  I purchased one of those plastic nucs.   They get a newer, cleaner home and a fifth frame too.  Almost like real bees.  The plastic nuc isn't great but its a mighty step up from what they have now.  They can defend it & control the climate whereas the 10 frame was too big for them.  These plastic jobs are stamped out of one piece corrugated plastic.  It takes a little to fold it together, the directions are Useless.  These are a one shot deals.  No adding on or feeders.  I think they're more for selling nucs than Making nucs.

Movin' on up!
The good news is i might get some time this weekend to start making the real nuc equipment.  Hopefully that can be completed before these bees drop dead.

The queen still looks unmated.  Her abdomen is not growing any bigger.  If there is no change she will be replaced, soon!

That's the Queen!
To add to this menagerie of gloom look who popped out for a walk during the inspection.  Is this really necessary?

If this nuc lives it will be by luck and a miracle.  I will do what i can but if they don't start behaving like bees and working they're done for.

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