Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary! 3 years

May 5th of 2008 is the day we acquired our first 2 hives, Mary & Myrina.  2 old souls just needing a place to be.  How they have changed our lives.  We plant more for the bees now than we do for the vegetable garden.  The neighbor was bitten by the bee bug and now has 4 hives of her own.  Every January is spent planning for the coming bee year.  In March & April I'm too busy with the bees to do anything else.  I've met countless people who graciously lend their advice and support.  All in all it's been great.

I had hope to celebrate by taking the wife to town for a couple chocolate shakes.  Instead, on a whim, i put the veil on and looked into the 3 nucs.  It turns out All 3 now have laying queens.  One i knew about, the other 2 are new.  So to celebrate I got to mark 2 new queens.  Just as I finished that up the neighbor pulled up with the bee packages we had ordered; she got 2 and I 1. 

Going into the fourth year will be 3 hives and 3 nucs.  Although I might make a forth nuc out of frames from all 3 nucs.  Then make Nuc #3 a full hive; they're comb building fiends.  A guy at work has a bee tree of Survivors.  He said I can set up swarm traps at his place any time.

Should make for a busy forth year.

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beekeeper 2 said...

Congrats all the way round!

immwia said...

So what happen to the dinner with the wife? Did that ever happen? You got the joy of marking bees what did she get for the 3 years of support?

I am not trying to rain on the parade I just want the rest of the story...LOL

Hemlock said...

beekeeper 2,
Thanks. More bees & lots of honey to you.

Yes we did manage a dinner out. Then lunch again the next day.

Yes, she's very supportive; she's the one who got me into this mess in the first place! For her effort I constantly pester her for more sugar and hiveware for the bees. Though i believe her plan was to get out from underfoot anyway. :p