Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bale of Hay

Let me tell you a story...

There once was a Walnut tree

That was in fact a Bee Tree

That had Swarmed this very morning

So the local beekeeper clipped the swarm down

and placed it in a borrowed Nuc box

Where the Queen felt right at home

and they all lived happily ever after

The End
* ____________________________________________________________*


Suzanna said...

Your the best beekeeper ever!

Hemlock said...

Thank you Suzy! You're the best too!

immwia said...

So you got your swarm back? That is amazing. Nice save and a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

Sa-weet looking bees, Hemlock! I caught a swam on Wednesday morning. I got a call that a swarm landed on a property line stake in Danville, Virginia. So I made the trip, put them on a nuc on the property, and picked them up Wednesday night. I plan to put them in a permanent box on Thursday! Gotta love some free-bees!

MoonskinLight said...

love the ending :)

Hemlock said...

Actually these are NEW bees!. I did catch Myrina's swarm though. That post is here

Lets here it for free bees! Danville huh, I need to get back down there to get nuc for these bees but they're out right now.

Moon Skin,
Glad you liked it. If these bees can survive Winter to become a full hive next year their name will be Mab.