Saturday, October 30, 2010

They've had enough Syrup

The bees have slowed down taking the syrup.  I meant to add another gallon the other day but the HTF's still had some of the last batch in them.  I poured in what I could and saved the rest for later.  Hopefully they'll take all of it soon.

I checked the Chronicles for what the bees did last  year.  They were given their last syrup on November 2nd.  At that time i noted they didn't take much then either.  I wish I had checked last years notes earlier this month.  What I need is a calendar for bee work.  So I have started to use my Google account calendar for my bees. 

I can create an event for any known impute. Say a last feeding on the first of October.  Then set the calendar to remind me a few days in advance.  So i can include mite treatments, possible requeening dates, first of Spring feeding dates, etc, etc.

I know these times aren't written in stone and can vary.  I can finesse the dates as i go plus the heads up will keep me from trying to feed my bees in November anymore.

aun Aprendo

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