Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bee Syrup & Fumagilin Recipes

In Fall & Spring when Syrup needs to be made I use the calculator over at  It's a great calculator that allows me to make the quantity I want to the exact ounce.  No more leftovers to store for later.  I've always had a bookmark for it on the laptop.  I can remember the pounds of sugar but not quite the ounces of water.  Today I didn't have my laptop!

Also in Fall I tend to treat with Fumagilin-B, or when a new package is installed.  Which means I either have to find my copy of the directions or look it up online.  It's not hard to find it online but why do this every time.  So today I put both on a page in this blog.  Bee Recipes & Calculations.  Now I can go on Any computer and find & printout, if necessary, these directions. 

I'll likely put any other similar information on this page in the future. 

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