Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Mite Count 2010

This is a pretreatment 24 hour drop count onto a sticky board.  The mite population has seemed lower than ever this year.  I didn't want to treat with chemicals so I hoped to put it off this year.

Mary - 123
Myrina - 66
Duchess - 103

So much for not treating.  I typically use Apistan but will look at Apiguard too.  Mary & Myrina's Queens are daughters of VSH queens.  I thought they might have lower counts.  Duchess is new from Georgia and likely brought some with her. 

Mary's Sticky Board



immwia said...

Interesting new look.

Hemlock said...

hope you like it! I have been fiddling with it for awhile now. Finally found something i like.

immwia said...

I do like it, I wasn't so sure at first glance but I am liking it more each time I stop by for a visit.

Love you.

Hemlock said...

I think I'm done for now. The Wife helped a lot. I still think it's too black...

immwia said...

The faded out pic in the background brings out the green. I think you both did not nice job.