Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Queens Installed

This morning I drove to Farmville to pick up 2 VSH Italian queens from Bobby Oakes.  While there Bobby showed me the hives the queens came from.  Their brood patterns were perfect.  Surrounded by a ring of sweetcorn pollen & capped honey.  Plus, the calmness of the bees was impressive.  I'm not used to such relaxed bees.  But then Bobby's been with bees for decades.  I have so much to learn yet.

 Introducing the new Mary & Myrina

I brought the bees home and gave them a drink.  Then down to the hives I went.  Popped the cover on Myrina & Mary and installed the queens.  Didn't use smoke since it was like a hit & run.  I closed up the hives before the bees could really start flying.

In 5+ days I'll check the queen cages.  If both of these colonies turn out as well as Bobby's colonies it'll be a great year.


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immwia said...

Wow, good luck BCB.