Friday, June 25, 2010

The End of the Bee Tree Hive

Today I went out to check the bee tree hive and was greatly disappointed.  The few holes in the flashing covering the entrance were enough to allow the bees to completely avoid going through the hive box.  I was hoping to replace the flashing with a larger piece I had found.  I couldn't because thousands of bees were bearding outside the tree entrance.  It would have been an epic battle to re-flash the opening.  Not one I was up for on a ladder in the 95+ degree Sun.  Plus, lots of bees would have been killed.

No comb has been drawn at all.  The bees inside the box just sat there cooling themselves.   If they began to utilize the hive box now it would be August or September before they had brood in it.  So late in the year what would I do with them over winter.

I'm not looking to get free bees; not that such a thing exists.  But to acquire their genetics.  So I'll need enough bees to produce their own queen.  Not something a few frames of bees can do in the middle of Winter.  I'd need to combine them with another hive.  Then I'd lose the genetics.  Not the point of the project.

It would be a lot more work for a colony that has been a great effort to capture.  All the while yielding no success.  So i called it right then and there.

If the colony is still there next February I'll try again.  I broke down all the equipment and brought it home.  They're good bees and I'd like to get them but this is not the year for it.  I did learn a few tricks so it's not a total waste of time.


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immwia said...

Sorry to hear but maybe the lesson in the end was to prepare for the next time. Love you.