Friday, April 17, 2009

Something in the air?

This swarm appeared in the yard yesterday. Since the branch is far from the ground no one but my daughter saw it (Shes the smallest so is always looking up). She told me earlier in the day that she found a 'Big Hornet nest'. I was busy assembling & painting honey suppers and a Nuc so made a mental note to check it out later but it slipped my mind.

What irony.

At dinner the Wife noticed it and sent Jr down to tell me. I was still working on the suppers. So in Twilight's last gleaming did I find myself standing in the middle of the yard with a paint brush wondering if these were my bees or someone else's. Thinking mostly that these were bees from Mary made for an awful nights sleep.

To add to the suspense today was loaded with family commitments that could not be rescheduled. I could not be around for someone to collect them. I do not know how to collect them myself other than guessing and I have nowhere to put them. The glue in the Nuc is barely dry let alone painted. I'm just a newbie caught with my pants down. Plus I still think these are Mary's bees. The forecast calls for a warm & sunny Spring day. Perfect traveling weather for both bees & family's. With heavy heart I went down to the swarm and said my thank you's and goodbye's. They were still on their branch as we all got ready and left on the trip.

(30+ feet up)

I put the unfinished Nuc outside close to the swarm hoping it may suffice for them. It was a weak attempt but having no other perceivable option it would have to do.

(didn't meet with the scouts approval)

When we got back in the late afternoon they where gone. I hope the new Queens scouts found her a good home. Or at least into the yard of a fellow Keeper who knows what to do.

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