Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting for Mary

It has been slightly over two weeks since the last inspection. In that time I have stopped feeding both hives. Neither sugar water or pollen patties. That is because of the more that sufficient rain & Autumn pollen bloom. The fields near the house are loaded with Fall flowers.

I've taken to sitting beside Mary after work watching her girls come & go. What a difference. She now acts more like she did when she was healthier. The number of foraging bees has increased dramatically. Though not many younger bees bobbing up & down learning the hive's location yet. Plenty of pollen being brought in too.

I'll do an inspection this weekend. I hope to find the new Queen doing her job. Or at least lots of brood in a good pattern.

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Sorrow said...

doesn't one of your hives have mites? shouldn't you order something for them?