Sunday, September 30, 2012


Went into the combination of Gumption & Melissa today.  I forgot to cut a slice in the paper so the bees made their own.  They put it along the warm side of the box.  After which they all migrated down into Gumption's boxes.  The swarm box was practically empty. 

Empty swarm box above chewed combination paper
Looked for a queen, marked or not, throughout the rest of the boxes.  Found several frames of Fresh Eggs instead.  The eggs were single in the cells and perfectly positioned.  No signs of laying worker made eggs.  There is a Queen in this hive but i never did find her.  Likely an unmarked Queen but i can't be sure until she is located.  Either way her egg laying is good as well as her brood pattern. 

I looks like this colony can survive now.  They, along with the other colonies, were fed syrup today.  The remains of Gumption had a few frames of pollen and a box of honey.   There are some honey frames in the freezer if they need more.

Little Miss with Top Feeder
The swarm box was removed and a Hive Top Feeder was added.  Hopefully i'll find & mark this Queen within the month. 

For now we call this colony Little Miss.  If the Queen is a Marked queen from Melissa that'll be her name.  If unmarked she'll get a new one.


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