Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fourth Anniversary

We've completed four years worth of beekeeping today.  This last year has seen the biggest leaps in the practice here at the Creek:
*The yard has increased from two hives up to ten (currently seven). 
*We continue to make all our queens
*A Queen Castle is now in use to create & store additional queens
*We combined several weak hives last Fall for Winter management
*All nucs (two) were over-Wintered successfully
*The yard has been moved entirely to the side yard
*All stands are anchored into the ground
*Apistan has been replace by more natural formic acid for mite control
*Most woodenware continues to be made in the garage

Last November there was a Anaphylaxis scare when a sting caused me to get emergency treatment.  Since then i have been stung again with no complications.  Proving the earlier sensitivity was only temporary.

As we go into our fifth year i hope to successfully over-Winter a Queen castle and start producing nucs for sale.  The honey harvest is, as usual, up to the bees.  I can only pile on the boxes hoping they will fill them.  The flow looks great right now so fingers are crossed.

This blog will suffer some though.  I don't have the time to post a full blown article every time i go near the bees.  From now on I will TRY to keep the Chronicles updated as to the status of the hives. In-depth articles will only be posted if i feel it is warranted; such as major inspections, discovery, or innovation. 

I thank all who visit & comment here and look forward to a productive fifth year.


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immwia said...

Well done Creek and good luck with the Queen business. Happy Anniversary!