Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Swarm??

The size of a grapefruit
We all checked our hives and this swarm doesn't seem to belong to any of us.  However, i might have missed a queen in Nuc #5 after its last swarm. idunno?  It was in a tree at eye level 15 feet behind Heléna & Nuc #5.  It has been raining for several days; cool & wet.  We don't know when it showed up.  For all i know these could be the bees from Nuc #5's original swarm (link here).

I Nuc'ed the Swarm
Well, since i could reach them they were tossed into a empty nuc.  I have no plans to keep them.  They will likely be combined with whoever needs a population boost.  The Queen will be evaluated.  If shes a good Queen she might have a future.  I'll keep the nuc going as long as i can as a spare queen if needed.

Not fully elongated yet but growing


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immwia said...

Wow, I guess it is just a swarm year. I hope they are good bees to add to the group.