Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Honey Supers

Both Mary & Myrina are actually in the mood to make surplus honey this year, \\ Hallelujah! //  Not much but it looks like we may see 2 Medium Supers worth; one from each.  Not leaving it to chance I added a second super to Myrina today.  I'll add a second to Mary in a day or so.  I don't expect them to fill up the new supers but they might as well start drawing them out for next year.  There is little over a month left to our major flow.  Could be enough time to do the job.  If there comes a Fall flow we'll be ready.

The second super on Myrina went beneath the current one.  It is wired foundationless blasted with sugar spray.  I placed the Imirie Shim between the 2 Supers.  The bees have used it but sparingly.  I might block the bottom entrance tomorrow to motivate them to use it in earnest.  I'll do the same thing with Mary when she gets her's.

Two Honey Supers

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I also got around to changing out the brood boxes on Melissa.  The yellow one (Heléna's) came off and the companion white one went on.  It's now clean and mold free.  Here too I placed the new brood box beneath the current one.  Now the bees will be near to top of the new frames where they need to start drawing comb instead of climbing up to it first.

Speaking of Heléna, she will get her second brood box this week too.  Another busy week but a good start to June.

Sweet Melissa

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immwia said...

Honey for some tea...very nice.

Hemlock said...

Yes, it certainly is. I'll let you know when to look for some in your mail box.

Love you

immwia said...

It doesn't sound you have much...I am patient if you want to wait until the year you get a bigger crop. I know someone closer to you that would use for tea, bread, yummy treats and lots of other things. I can wait but thank you for the thought!

Morlock5K said...

Looking good. You have some excellent photos on your blog.

Morlock5K said...

Looking good. You have some excellent photos on your blog.