Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mildew Damage

In an earlier post I mentioned the presence of mildew in Myrina.  It looked like the unpainted wood sheet used to close off the SBB got wet with moisture and began to mildew.  The stuff then spread up the SBB wall onto the Hive body.  It did not appear to be major then.

Looking at the side of Myrina today I noticed two spots where the paint has blistered.  The boxes are two years old and are long past coat adhesion problems. 

Weeping Paint Blister on Deep Hive Body

I scraped it off to reveal a pine knot beneath.  Gunk was weeping from the knot and collecting under the paint, hence the blister.  So i guess the mildew had begun to trap excess moisture in the wood.  Causing liquid to seep through the exposed and open capillaries in the knots.

Only one side is affected right now.  Next week, when it's in the 60°'s, I can replace the box with a new one and the unpainted wood sheet too.  I'll clean out the mildewy box, bleach it, & set it out to dry for a month.  After which I'll touch up the paint and it will be good to go again. 

If the other box looks bad enough I may change out both boxes.  I have the extra equipment so it's not a problem.



Chris said...

Huh, I hadn't thought about a knot weeping out the sap and having it blister the paint.

My boxes have several knots throughout them; I wasn't fortunate (read: wealthy) enough to get select grade wood, and I wonder if I'll experience this in a year or two also.

Great post--very informative!

Hemlock said...

Hello, Welcome to the blog. I'm glad my mistakes can be helpful to others.

As far as the paint blister goes it's nothing to worry about. I believe the only reason these knots are so affected is due to the Mildew inside the box. All my boxes have knots here & there and none of them have had a problem before. Had the sheet I used to close the bottom board been painted none of this would have happened.

The fresh boxes you put your bees into this Spring will be well waxed and propolised by the time next Winter gets here. If you put one coat of primer & two coats of top-coat you shouldn't expect any problems.

Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the post.