Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merging the Clusters

Was fortunate enough to have the odd warm day today at 56°F.  The bees were flying and the Sun was shining.  So at lunch i went out to the hives to remove the extra middle deep box on Mary.  Since the hive would be open only briefly the smoker was not used; though i still used the veil, jacket & gloves.

The top cluster was still in the same position in the top box.  Unfortunately the bottom cluster had moved up a little in to the once uninhabited middle box.  Which means all the boxes are being used.  However there's still 2 separate clusters.  I needed them to join.

The bottom cluster was much bigger than the top cluster.  I decided to shake the top cluster into the middle box.  So i had to pull frames to do it.  It was still in the high 50°'s so i did it quickly and closed her up.  Afterward the flying activity out of Mary increased but better matched that of Myrina.  Now both hives are double deeps again.

At this time I replaced the old (original) T-cover on Myrina with a new one; formally Duchess's T-cover.  Other than several frames in Myrina's  top box all the original equipment is gone.


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