Thursday, May 27, 2010

Collecting the Wild Colony

Deer Bee Stand

Not going so well.  When last I looked the bees were in the hive box on frame 1 & 2. Since then they have found some new ways out and are not in the hive anymore.

 Needs a better fit

Fortunately there has been little movement between the tree & the hive.  The tube is the weak point.  I need to make a better cover for the tree too.

To many gaps

Tomorrow I'll get some more material at the home store.  Much work has gone into this attempt.  To much for me to give up on.  Looks like my Memorial Day will be spent in a tree!


1 comment:

immwia said...

Sorry to hear this collection isn't going as planned but the whole experience is going to be a learning one for you probably.

Stay safe, good luck.