Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Colony Coming Soon

Next week I'll order a package of bees through the Piedmont Beekeepers Association who is presenting the Beginners class. They will come from Georgia with a marked queen. Delivery date is currently near the end of April.

This will be the first time I start a hive with a package. When I got my first 2 hives they were already established (unknown how many years old) and filled with wax, brood, pollen, & nectar (and nosema, varroa, & waxmoth in Mary). So I've never seen a colony start from the beginning. The best part is all the new wooden ware. With Mary & Myrina I had to start replacing parts piece-meal from day One. Neither of them has ever had all new parts.

Things I must do first:
  1. Build & paint all wooden ware
  2. Select hive location & build stand
  3. Add Chronolog to Blog
  4. Read up on installing packages
  5. Pray it won't be raining when they show up.


Anonymous said...

You're going to love starting from a package. Its fun to see them in the hive the first day with empty frames, and watch them week by week as they build comb and make a new home. I'm going to Dadant in Chatham this week to pick up a spare hive for swarms..just to have on hand in case I find one. If I don't, then I'm sure I'll use it next year!

Hemlock said...


Yes I am looking forward to it. They say after the bees go in to leave them alone for a week or two. That will be difficult!

Mark Bennett was just at our club meeting last week. I ordered this years equipment from him and he brought it to the meeting. Good deal!

Extra boxes are a must. I'm thinking of putting a Swarm kit in my truck in case i need it some time.