Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Meeting

After 3 months I made it to a meeting. It happened to be the Honey tasting meeting. Oh darn! I met with some life long keepers. I asked some questions & got some good answers.
  • Two brood boxes is a little much down here.
  • Mary is Queen-less or weak Queened.
  • I will combine Mary & Myrina for the Winter.
  • I will separate each brood box into it's own hive next year.
Much work ahead of me. I will do an inspection this weekend plus the combination. Wish me luck.

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UPDATE, 11/23/09

I did not do the combination. The populations in each hive were better than advertised. Reserves were also adequate. I will begin feeding them pollen in January the increase brood up. After which I will split them in Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Yippie, that is awesome that you got to talk to people though. I love hearing about the "bee" adventure you have a lovely way of telling a story.